• The electric- and hydrogen-powered truck manufacturer Nikola Motor Company has threatened Bloomberg and one of its reporters, Ed Ludlow, with a libel lawsuit.
  • The company’s founder and executive chairman, Trevor Milton, took issue with an article Bloomberg published Wednesday with the headline “Nikola Founder Exaggerated the Capability of His Debut Truck.”
  • The story cited anonymous sources who said the Nikola One prototype — unveiled at an event in 2016 — was unable to drive under its own power. The story said Milton, by contrast, alluded to the opposite.
  • In a letter from its chief legal officer, Nikola called the article a “blatant hit piece” that used “knowingly false information.”
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The founder and executive chairman of the electric-truck builder Nikola Motor Company, Trevor Milton, threatened legal action against a Bloomberg reporter this week after the outlet published an article with claims that Milton had misrepresented the capabilities of the company’s debut hydrogen-powered electric semitruck.

“Many of the statements in your article were inaccurate, misleading, taken out of context and hide behind alleged inside sources who conveniently ‘asked not to be identified discussing sensitive information,'” according to a letter from Nikola’s chief legal officer, Britton M. Worthen, posted in full by Milton on Twitter. Granting anonymity to sources on sensitive matters or topics that could threaten their jobs, so long as their identities are confirmed and stories backed up, is a common practice for many journalists.

“This was clearly done with the intent to wrongfully harm Nikola using knowingly false information to construct a blatant hit piece,” Worthen continued. “Nikola stands by its products and the statements of its founder, Mr. Milton, that he ‘never deceived anyone.'”

The letter added that Nikola “intends to take all steps to enforce its rights and protect its