July 20th, 2020 by Harry Stoltz 

Trevor Milton poses in front of several Nikola semi trucks. Image credit: The Nikola Motor Corporation

Trevor Milton is Nikola Motor’s Executive Chairman and Founder. A relatively young company, Nikola recently listed publicly on the NASDAQ stock exchange, and has garnered both excitement and scrutiny from investors and the media. Focusing mainly on the trucking industry, Nikola hopes to release a fleet of hydrogen fuel-cell powered semi trucks, along with a consumer pickup truck. I sat down with Trevor to talk about the progress that the company has made so far, and its plans for the future. Here are the answers I got.

Now is a very challenging time for any company to operate. How has Nikola been dealing with the pandemic?

Yeah, it’s pretty tough. This Covid thing has really affected everyone globally. If it only affected us, that would be one thing, and an easy thing to handle, but when it affects every one of your suppliers and your supply chain, it’s really tough. To give you an example, we have a factory in Ulm, Germany, which is coming online right now, and we’re building the first ever zero-emission semi truck. And that’s a semi truck that can go further than 300 miles, so that’s kind of the holy grail in zero-emissions. Everyone else has got 150–200 mile trucks, and that’s not going to do anyone any good. You need around 300 miles to really be able to get your load around a city, and get back, and not have to