Combustion-engined cars may be obsolete, but they are also incredibly complex when compared to EVs. They are to electric vehicles as a Rolex is to a Casio watch. That is one of the reasons so few countries have their own automotive OEM. Brazil once dreamed of one, but all its efforts perished. Even the state-owned attempt, called FNM, died in 1988. After 32 years, FNM will get back in business thanks to electric mobility – and American suppliers.

Previously called Fábrica Nacional de Motores – which translates to National Engine Manufacturer – it has preserved the acronym as Fábrica Nacional de Mobilidades, or National Mobilities Manufacturer. Perhaps not only because it will not produce engines, but also because it will buy its motors from the US, as well as the battery packs, inverters, and management hardware.

We have tried to talk to José Antonio Severo Martins and Alberto Martins, the founders of the new FNM, but did not manage to find any way to reach them. We would ask them which the supplier is, but we suspect they would not disclose that – at least not while deliveries do not start.

The new FNM plans to sell two electric trucks. The FNM 832 is 6.3 m long and has a total gross weight of 13 tons, and the 833 is 7.2 m long and has a total gross weight of 18 tons. The electric motor works with a 650V battery pack, and it generates 261 kW (350 hp). The full range is 130 km (81 mi), short even when you talk about urban deliveries.

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