BELDING — Knowing the importance that good, reliable equipment can have in a fire department, Belding Fire Chief Tim Lubitz is hoping to receive a new vehicle apparatus within the next year.

Fire Chief Tim Lubitz explains the Belding Fire Department need for a new truck during Tuesday’s Belding City Council meeting. — DN Photo | Brandon Schreur

During Tuesday’s meeting, Lubitz came before the Belding City Council to speak on the Fire Department’s need for a new truck — a topic he has spoken on multiple times before the City Council this year. A motion to proceed with the approval to start fabrication on a new apparatus for the Fire Department passed unanimously Tuesday.

According to Lubitz, the city has not purchased a new fire truck in more than 16 years.

“The truck that we are looking at replacing is over 26 years old,” he explained in a letter to council members. “Our other trucks are 27, 28 and 18 (ladder) years old. If we purchase a new truck now, and we purchase another in five years (that will make the replaced truck 32 years old) and replace the ladder in 15 years from now (10 years after the other, making it 33 years old at that time), we will be very lucky to not have problems with them.”

Having received the go-ahead from the City Council to begin seeking out bids for a new truck back in August, Lubitz said that the fire department received two acceptable offers from manufacturers.

The first bid came in at $578,128.54 out of a company in Iowa, while the