Kawasaki W175 is already on sale in other Asian markets and will serve as the most affordable retro-style classic motorcycle in India

Kawasaki W175

Retro-style classic motorcycles have always been liked by a certain section of the biking community. In recent times, these bikes have been in demand for the masses as well. With Royal Enfield, Jawa, Benelli and now Honda, in the market with their respective motorcycles, any new entrant will find it difficult to make a place for itself in this segment.

However, as per latest reports, Kawasaki is expected to enter this space with its entry-level W175 next year. W175 is set to be launched in India in the first quarter of 2021 (Jan to Apr 2021 period). It is already on sale in other Asian markets such as Thailand and Indonesia.


As seen from the images, Kawasaki 175cc Motorcycle is a retro-styled bike with a simplistic design approach. It gets pure classic styling with round headlamp, spoked wheels which are wrapped around by tube tyres and a peashooter muffler. It is offered with a conventional round analogue instrument cluster which reads out information from the tripmeter, speedometer and odometer.

At the rear it gets similar turn indicators with squared off tail light. Overall, the layout seems quite basic yet very neat and simple thanks to the blacked out components such as the engine, tail pipe and suspension springs. It gets a single-piece seat with easy contours and good cushioning. Its international spec model weighs just 126 kg, however, this figure is set to increase when it has to meet all the mandatory safety and emission requirements in our country.

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