A Loveland-based company that designs and manufactures electric vehicles for commercial and government fleets has landed an order for 600 vans and trucks from Fluid Truck, which rents commercial vehicles.

The order calls for Lightning Systems to produce an assortment of all-electric Lightning Electric Ford Transit delivery vans and medium-duty trucks. The two companies said in a statement Thursday that the vehicles will be used in major metropolitan areas across the U.S.

“This is an exciting opportunity for both companies due to the rising demand for electric vehicles from commercial customers who have sustainability requirements for their fleets,” said Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning Systems.

Reeser expects to see demand for electric commercial vehicles to keep rising as cities look at designating zero-emission zones.

In September, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed an executive order directing state regulators to develop a plan requiring automakers to sell more zero-emissions passenger vehicles, including electric or hydrogen-powered cars and truck, with the goal of phasing out gas-fueled passenger vehicles by 2035 and heavy-duty trucks by 2045 where possible.

In Colorado, Gov. Jared Polis signed an executive order in 2019 to reaffirm the state’s commitment to increasing the number of electric vehicles and expanding the network of charging stations across the state. The order changed the state’s electric vehicle plan by requiring that state grants to replace older gas- and diesel-powered trucks and fleet vehicles go only for electric vehicles.

The governor’s draft plan to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions targets stepping up the move to electric vehicles.

Reeser told The Denver Post that he believes the electric vehicle market has reached a tipping point, where interest prompted by regulations and peer pressure among businesses has accelerated to the point that economies of scale are making the cars and trucks less expensive to buy,