The electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles has introduced its 2021 model year, which this time includes almost only optical updates. The 2021 Zero models will be shipped immediately from the company’s headquarters in California to dealers in North America and Europe.

The Californians’ 2021 lineup is led by the manufacturer’s two newest electric motorcycles, the Zero SR/S and Zero SR/F. Both motorcycles are based on a new platform and offer the highest performance figures in the range to date. They both have 14.4 kWh batteries and 82 kW motors with a maximum torque of 190 Nm on board and can reach speeds of up to 200 km/h. And they run on Zero’s Cypher III operating system. Speaking of which, in an accompanying press release, the manufacturer announces that it has now equipped all of its new vintage models with the Cypher II or Cypher III operating system.

The SR/F was already unveiled by Zero in February 2019. This year saw the launch of the SR/S, which Zero refers to as a “re-launch”. According to the Californian company, the latter is the company’s first fully-equipped sports bike. The aerodynamic advantages of the SR/S are said to deliver up to 13 per cent more range on the highway compared to its sister model SR/F. So instead of 320 kilometres, theoretically up to 362 kilometres.

The 2021 Zero SR/S is now available in blue or grey. Prices are $19,995 for the standard model and $21,995 for the premium version. The new SR/F now comes in black & silver and mint & red. It also receives a new, low-profile protective screen. The Standard and Premium versions are